Special Father’s Day Edition of The Spotlight
Burt and Jessica Savitsky


A Top East Side Agent Team
Father-Daughter Duo


Tell us something about each of you that few would know.    


Burt: I moved to New York City in 1980 from Boston, for a job and a girl. Six months later, I did not have either one! However, I stayed in New York, started my real estate career, and met the girl I am married to today!  

Jessica: My lifelong passions have been fashion and music and I always thought I’d find a job in one of those industries. Little did I know that my internships at BHS (working in the mail room, refilling the refrigerator with Snapple, and working as the receptionist for the BHS Upper East Side office) would turn into a 14-year career working alongside my father. On a personal note, I’m still waiting for my father to teach me how to ride a bike.


What are the best and most challenging parts of being a father-daughter agent team?


Burt: The best part of working with Jessica is that I get to see and/or speak with her almost every day. As a 30-something young woman who lives with her fiancé, it is unlikely that we would get to spend this much time together.  The biggest challenge is to stay “professional” and not to fall back into the parent-child routine. 

Jessica: As Burt said, the best part of working together is that I feel extremely lucky to see and speak to my father basically 24/7. We are so alike in many ways, which is one of the reasons why our working relationship has been successful. We do have a “safe word” which we occasionally need to use to keep each other in check.


You each have been at BHS for many years—what are the best parts of BHS that have kept you here over the years?


Burt: I have been at BHS for 22 years. Right from the start, I felt welcomed by my fellow brokers, like a member of a team—and not an Independent Contractor. Roger Tuckerman told me from the start, “If you want to be respected and remembered in this business, be the consummate professional!”

Jessica: I have been at BHS for 14 years. When I entered the working world at 22, I didn’t know much about real estate and was extremely intimidated; luckily I had some amazing colleagues who took me under their wings and showed me the ropes at BHS.


As a top team, what advice do you have for the growing teams at BHS looking to reach greater heights?


Team: Today’s buyers are much more sophisticated. Never be afraid to reinvent yourself to stay relevant. Take advantage of the new ways to market property and communicate with your buyers and sellers.


Where are the greatest values in NYC real estate right now?  


Team: There are great opportunities to purchase 1- and 2-bedroom apartments on the Upper East Side. Across the board, apartments of all sizes in excellent/new condition are moving faster than those in need of work.  Renovation time is unpredictable, costs of goods and materials are up 25+ percent, and delivery time for furniture and appliances is taking much longer.


Share your favorite dining spots on the Upper East Side and tell us why.  


BurtDUE Restaurant on Third Avenue between 79th and 80th Streets. It’s like walking into “Cheers.” Everyone knows my name! I always run in to friends and colleagues there. I love Italian food and I know I can count on DUE to deliver quality and value.

Jessica: My favorite restaurant actually closed a handful of years ago: Atlantic Grill - Eastside. It was always where I wanted to go for a special occasion or when I came home from college and wanted a delicious meal and a special dessert.


Share your greatest “only in NY real estate” story.


Burt: I was showing my Downtown exclusive to a direct customer.  The sellers were out of town. When we entered the apartment’s bedroom, there was a very attractive couple (surprise weekend guests) in bed, unclothed, in the throes of passion! We all screamed and left the apartment. When we returned an hour later, we found an apology note and a bottle of champagne. As it turned out, my customers really liked the apartment. The “good karma” in the bedroom was likely the clincher. They bought the apartment!

Jessica: When I was in my early 20s, I showed Joan Rivers an apartment at the Plaza. It came as no surprise that she was dressed to the nines, in full makeup and wearing a fabulous fur coat; I was absolutely starstruck. After the showing was done, she asked me how old I was. She had a grandchild— who at the time was 10—and asked if I would wait for him?!


Choose a photo from your camera roll that is meaningful to your team. Tell us about it.  


Team: This photo is proof that I was always trying to get my whole family into golf. I even took adult clubs and cut them down so that Jessica and my younger daughter could use them. As it turns out, Jessica’s fiancé is a scratch golfer and she’s confidently able to say that golf is going to be in her life forever and she loves it.

Looking back at this picture, we were a team even then—teaching and learning together.


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