The Spotlight on
Sharon Shahinian


Hudson County Specialist and One of the Top BHS NJ Agents


Share something about yourself that few people know about you.


What people may not know is that I am the third of four girls and we were brought up with a strong commitment and identification with our Armenian roots. We’ve been told that we were the original Kardashians before any reality TV was around.

I am a novice day trader of late, dated Madonna’s brother in the ‘80s and on a sailing trip to the island of Tortola I got blown out of the roof of a jeep on Sage Mountain. I rolled around 17 times and lived to tell the story! I have many other things one may not know about me. It’s what happens when you live a big life!


What is your most memorable real estate experience to date?


So many! One that is outstanding to me was helping a disabled teen whose family bought my listing—a home belonging to NY Waterways owner Arthur Imperatore—through a landmark NJ law case in the Weehawken Bluffs. As the buyer’s agent as well, I helped the family hire all the necessary people to convert the home to an accessible one. I am still in touch with them and that teen is an almost college graduate! The house still looks amazing!


What advice would you give to an agent just starting out in this industry?


Work harder than you thought would be necessary. Glean advice and get mentored by those who came before you. Stay humble. Create a good database for keeping in touch with people (I’m still working on that). Don’t be afraid to tell people you are a realtor and damn good at it! Build yourself up.


What, in your opinion, is Brown Harris Stevens’ biggest selling point?


The people! Everyone from the support staff to the CEO. The directors, the PR Team, the product, the visuals. There are so many resources to choose from, and whatever your vision is, all try their best to get it accomplished. Coming from Halstead and merging, I’m looking forward to a symbiotic relationship!


What are your predictions for the 2021 market?


Our market on the NJ Gold Coast will follow the Manhattan trend. It looks as if there begins an upward trend. Prices are and have been correcting, and once a good portion of the population is vaccinated and there is more confidence, those who left will come back.

We will also be available to new buyers who may be able to get in with low interest rates and easier pricing. Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, Union City, West New York, Bayonne, and beyond will always be a mecca for those wanting more with very easy access to Manhattan and the boroughs.


What are your passions outside of real estate?


Theater, dance, music, cooking, travel, and my family.


What is your favorite aspect of Hoboken and why?


It’s so accessible to everything: the arts, the restaurants, the multicultural aspect, and it’s a great walking town. Imagine it and you can find it here!


Favorite restaurant for outdoor dining? Why?


Augustino’s in Hoboken: fabulous food, family atmosphere, great heat lamps, and wonderful portions. Of course another go-to is Japonica in the Village on University Place. Best sushi around!


Choose a photo from your phone’s camera roll that speaks to who you are. Tell us about it.


This was a recent closing in Saddle River. Maria Oblow, an agent in the Hoboken office, came on years ago as my assistant, worked really hard, and made her way to being a great agent on her own. We sold this house together, and it brought me great pleasure to see it come full circle.


Connect with Sharon:

@Sharonrocksrealestate on Instagram